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GDPR Data Policy and Compliance Statement

MWC are compliant with all requirements under EU Data Protection laws.

Our approach can be summarised here and is followed by our outline operational procedures with regard to all data handled within the organisation.

  •     We will store any personal data that we hold securely
  •     We will only make contact with relevant content and information to an individual’s status and relationship with us
  •     We will never pass data onto third parties except for the purposes of carrying out shipments or deliveries
  •     We will advise within 24 hours if we have had a data breach
  •     We will provide the details that we hold on any individual for the purposes defined below within five days of request
  •     We will delete data if an individual no longer wishes us to hold it except for that which is required for legal purposes (i.e. financial records)
  •     We will aim at all times to be GDPR-compliant


Clients are defined as those who have purchased an item or items from us.

Existing clients

Client data is kept in order for MWC to deliver the products or services they are engaged to provide and also to keep clients up to date with opening hours, product details, service and support details and promotional information and incentives pertaining to existing services and newly introduced ones etc.

  1. Data is held for three main purposes:
  2. Service or product delivery
  3. Information updates pertaining to the service or product delivery

Potential clients

Potential clients are those who have initiated contact with us with regard to becoming a client.

  • Potential service delivery
  • Information updates pertaining to the service delivery
  • Promotional incentives and new services available


We keep details of all our staff for the purposes of employing them to provide service directly or indirectly supporting our business and its clients.

Current staff information

Information on individuals is held for the purposes of recruitment, employment, contact in the event of emergency and individual role performance.

Potential staff information

Those who have inquired, applied, interviewed or been offered a position have submitted personal details necessary for the processing of potential employment. Some if not all such data will be retained on file as required for the purposes of informing past applicants of new opportunities unless the individual requests that we delete/destroy such data.

Ex staff information

Details relating to employment are held for the purposes of supplying references to future employers. Other data, such as that held for emergency events is deleted as soon as the staff member leaves our employ.

As an employee leaves MWC all access internally and remotely is rescinded, passwords and office access details are changed to prevent any data breach.

Staff are contracted not to hold client or supplier data on their personal devices and PCs. Company devices are provided for the purposes of messaging and staff are prohibited from using personal communication devices to store client details.

Regardless, in addition to the terms of their employment contract, as an individual leaves our employ they are forthwith required to sign their confirmation that they hold no data which belongs to or is under custodianship of MWC and that all and any client, supplier and staff contact data has been deleted.


An important reminder is that all calls into and out of MWC systems maybe recorded to enable confirmation of instructions, address details and for the purposes of quality of service provision, call handling and customer service.

Calls are not recorded and stored for any purposes of data mining, collection or other use.

In the event of a request to delete all information held on a particular individual, we will endeavour to achieve this though to locate all calls relating would require significant resource and success may not be guaranteed.