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The Original 1964 007 Strap! 20mm Black, Maroon and Olive Drab NATO Military Watch Strap in Ballistic Nylon

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This classic NATO watchband is crafted from fast-drying ballistic nylon webbing, making it robust, comfortable, and long-lasting. The color scheme of this strap is particularly noteworthy; although the black and gray NATO straps are often referred to as "James Bond" straps, the original color scheme, as seen in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, is what we offer here.

Key Features:

  • Material: Ballistic nylon
  • Durability: Perfect for extreme activities, as the strap design ensures the watch is held securely at two different points, reducing the risk of loss to virtually zero.

Historical Background:

The history of the NATO strap dates back to a single grey 20mm band introduced around 50 years ago. Initially available in RAF Blue, Black, and Navy Blue, the range has since expanded to include the iconic James Bond pattern, Olive Green, and a variety of regimental, national, and camouflage designs. Today, we produce around 200 different variants in a multitude of colors, used by military units, police, search and rescue teams, and other specialized organizations worldwide.


  • The NATO strap specification was first laid down by the UK Ministry of Defence and called Defence Standard 66-47 Issue 2, published on 30 March 2001. Previous specifications include Def Stan 66-47 Issue 1 (13 November 1992), Def Stan 66-15 (Part 1) Issue 1 – Strap (Nylon) (30 November 1973), and Def Stan 66-15 (Part 2) Issue 1 – Strap (Leather/Nylon) (31 January 1974).


NATO straps are ideal for a wide range of watches made by leading military contractors and robust civilian watch brands, including Seiko, Rolex, CWC, Citizen, Marathon, Breitling, and Pulsar. Their ability to be easily washed and quick-drying properties make them superior to leather or silicone straps, especially in challenging environments.


For over forty years, we have supplied these straps to military personnel, police, emergency services, exploration units, search and rescue teams, oil and gas companies, and marine salvage businesses. NATO straps are ideally suited for these organizations due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

In summary, this NATO watchband is an exceptional choice for those seeking a reliable, stylish, and historically significant strap. Whether for extreme activities or everyday wear, its design and material offer unparalleled security and comfort.


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