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Limited Edition Replica Cockpit / Desk Clock in Matt Black Finish

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SKU Code: CP/CL1224/B

Experience the precision and charm of aviation history with this fully functioning 12/24-hour quartz clock, designed to closely resemble an aircraft cockpit clock. Its authentic appearance is so convincing that it once fooled a seasoned aircraft mechanic until a closer inspection revealed its true nature.


  • Authentic Design: Features a replica (non-functioning) adjustment knob, glass face, and twin pointers. Time adjustment is performed using a standard setting wheel, just like any quartz clock.
  • Battery Operated: Operates on one AA battery, which is included. Unlike actual aircraft cockpit clocks that connect to the aircraft's wiring loom, this clock is powered by a convenient AA battery.


  • Case: Solid metal front with real glass crystal and polycarbonate back cover
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 82mm (3.23")
    • Dial Width: 68mm (2.86")
    • Depth: 88.9mm (3.5")
  • Weight: 334g (11.8oz)
  • Movement: Silent tick/sweep quartz movement
  • Power: 1 x AA battery (supplied)

This clock is perfect for aviation enthusiasts and makes a unique conversation piece in any setting. Enhance your office, workshop, or home with this meticulously crafted timepiece that combines precision with a touch of history.

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