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MWC US Military Pattern 12/24 Hour Wall Clock with Silent Sweep Movement (Size 22.5 cm / approx 9")

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SKU Code: CLOCK/1224

We made these clocks originally as promotional items for our retailers and to supply to military bases for use in the mess but interest has been so great we have made the whole range of variants available to our customers. 

The clocks are something different to the usual boring wall clocks and make a great talking point in an office, workshop, garage, reception area etc. The wall clocks measure 22.5 cm (approx 9") and is in a strong and robust High Impact Polycarbonate case. This particular model is standard 12/24 Hour pattern military dial.

The clocks have a high accuracy quartz movement and silent movement so that you avoid the ticking every second which can be seriously agravating with most quartz wall clocks. They are supplied ready to go and complete with battery. 

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